Project, Change and Release Management
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PREEvision – Plan, Execute and Track Projects, Changes and Releases

PREEvision Project, Change and Release Management
PREEvision Project, Change and Release Management

To steer E/E projects and to carry out changes during a project in a controlled and comprehensible manner, PREEvision provides an integrated process support consisting of project, change and release management.


  • Integrated project and release management
  • Ticketing for change requests
  • Change history and change marker
  • Roles and rights management
  • Customizable life cycles
  • Reports, tables and cockpit views for project controlling

At a Glance

Besides typical project planning functions, PREEvision offers a ticketing system to handle and resolve defects and provides dedicated features to steer, trace and test changes. Due to the integrated approach of PREEvision, change requests in the form of tickets can be directly linked to development artifacts. Therefore, changes remain traceable at any time.

PREEvision Layer Model - Process Support
In PREEvision, projects and changes can be planned, executed and traced at any time.

Functions / Features

Project and Release Management

PREEvision provides the functionality of classic project management tools: All tasks within the project can be organized in sub-projects or work packages. The work packages may include features, requirements, tickets or test tasks and can be assigned to resources.

With the support of individual working hour models for each resource, PREEvision provides flexible working time models. With milestones and release dates, working packages and sub-projects are distributed along the timeline. The progress and the actual state of each development artifact can be tracked via a life cycle management.

Change Management

With the integrated change management, modifications of development artifacts can be carried out in a controlled and coordinated manner. PREEvision offers multiple functions for this: A simple change marker indicates any changes even on the level of attributes and makes them easy to find. The change history tracks the changes during time. Also an extensive ticket system supports the processing of defects and change requests.

Ticket Management

Screenshot of a ticket management table in PREEvision used for execution and monitoring of change requests and defects tickets.
For execution and monitoring of tickets, PREEvision provides tailored tables.

Change requests and defects are processed as tickets and can directly be linked to development artifacts like functions, for example. Tickets can be categorized by severity, occurrence, priority and safety relevance. Comments and file attachments facilitate discussions and documentation.

To resolve tickets in a structured manner, they may be combined in working packages or ticket sets and be classified as duplicates or parts of existing tickets. If a ticket is relevant for more than one release, merge tasks ensure the implementation in multiple development branches.


PREEvision|Change Management, Review and Vote
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Model-Based E/E Development with PREEvision

From Architecture Design to Series Production

PREEvision offers a comprehensive modeling language to describe all aspects of e/e systems. All engineers involved in the development process find tailored diagrams and editors for their work. And all in one integrated tool. Based on a given geometry, wiring harness designers, for example, define the complete wiring harness including all details like pins, connectors, wires, cables and splices.

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