The efficient and easy coupling of the professional and proven Vector hardware and software toolchain leads to an ideal combination for the test of ADAS/AD functions: Comprehensive options for closed-loop system tests can be used with consistent workflows from early development stages through to real hardware with the Vector VT System.


  • Automated test driving of thousands of kilometers – in the HIL lab
  • Off-the-shelf components working smoothly together
  • Fast and easy configuration of the HIL system
  • Modular and flexible test set-up
  • Manual testing in the same way as a real driver in the vehicle
  • Automated testing: comfortable configuration and full integration of test automation
  • Simulation and test of ECU diagnostics
  • Detection and correction of error situations early in the development process


Testing of ADAS Functions

  • Environment perception
    Lane detection, traffic sign recognition, object detection, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) etc.
  • Comfort functions
    Adaptive cruise control (ACC), traffic jam assistant, parking pilot etc.
  • Safety systems
    Pre-crash, front collision warning (FCW), automated emergency braking (AEB), lane keeping assistant, blind spot monitoring etc.
  • Automated driving

System Overview

Seamless cooperation of Vector software tools  with VT System hardware in ADAS test system

 Seamless cooperation of Vector software tools  with VT System hardware in ADAS test system

CANoe Test Environment

One Tool for All Development and Testing Tasks

CANoe as central tool for all development and testing tasks, with seamless integration of DYNA4
CANoe as central tool, DYNA4 seamlessly integrated
  • Highly automated testing execution

  • Comprehensive execution of real-time simulation models (MATLAB/Simulink or other sources)
  • Easy integration of third party soft- and hardware
  • Numerous tool coupling options for co-simulation
  • Extensive possibilities for simulating and testing ECU diagnostics
  • User-friendly graphic and text-based evaluation of results
  • Direct integration of test units created with vTESTstudio
  • Full requirement traceability form test case to test report 
  • Seamless transition between simulated and real system components
  • Co-operation of simulated ECUs created with vVIRTUALtarget in one common simulation setup

Virtual Test Drives with DYNA4

Closed-Loop Simulation: Interaction as with a Real Car

Closed-loop simulations and visualization with DYNA4
Closed-loop simulations and visualization with DYNA4

Vehicle under Test

  • Vehicle dynamics model: different levels of detail saves effort for use-cases where simpler models are sufficient 
  • Realistic impact of vehicle motion on sensor field of view
  • Tests use actuation of pedals and steering or definition of driving tasks for the driver model


  • Road users including vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, animals
  • Exact test definition through deterministic tasks for road users
  • Interfacing to traffic simulator SUMO for highly complex traffic scenarios


  • Support of ASAM Standard OpenDRIVE road description format without conversion
  • Definition of road geometry including surroundings such as traffic signs, signals, road marks, etc.

Environment and Visualization

  • Detailed Unity-based 3D animation
  • Automated visualization of the scene
  • Large object catalog with buildings, road users, vegetation etc.
  • Adjustable lighting and weather conditions
  • Technical values in 2d widgets


  • Use-case dependent sensor model fidelity with object lists or physics-based sensors
  • Physics-based sensor models for camera, radar, lidar, ultrasonic

Modular Test Hardware VT System

Flexible and Highly Scalable Test Solution

Modular Test Hardware VT System
Modular test hardware VT System
  • Modular hardware interface for all ECU connections like analog or digital I/Os, Bus Network, Power Supply
  • Fully integrated in CANoe: direct and simple control of I/O for test, simulation and analysis
  • High reusability through modular system design
  • All basic test components included (relays, decade resistor, …)
  • Automotive test requirements concerning voltage, currents, latency, through-put are fulfilled
  • Simplified wiring of even complex test stands
  • Minimized setup and switching times
  • Highly scalable: from compact off-the-shelf I/O box at developer’s desk to component HIL racks in the lab

More Information

  • ADAS HIL System Overview (PDF)
  • DYNA4: Virtual Test Driving and Closed-Loop Simulation (PDF)
  • CANoe: Testing Environment for ECUs and Networks (PDF)
  • VT System: Scalable and Modular Systems for Efficient HIL Testing (PDF)

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