CANoe Test Package EV
Powerful Test Library for Electric Vehicles

Automated Conformance & Interoperability Tests for E-Vehicles

The CANoe Test Package EV is a library of powerful test cases. This is used to test conformance and interoperability of electric vehicles (EV) within the international standards CCS and GB/T.

CANoe Test Package EV covers the relevant test scenarios, is up-to-date at all times and is clearly structured.


  • Comfortable selection and execution of test cases
  • Automatic test execution and report generation
  • Fast generation of an executable test environment
  • Easily extendable test cases for individual tests
  • Openness for the connection of additional test hardware

Application Area

Fully automated conformance and interoperability tests according to specifications of the CCS, GB/T and CHAdeMO* charging standards.

* available with later product versions


  • Implementation of test cases with test tables and CAPL
  • Adaptation of the test cases to the System Under Test (SUT)
  • Selection and visibility of variant dependencies (PICS/PIXIT)
  • Traceability to the requirements from the protocol specification
  • Support of the CharIN interface to connect third party hardware
  • Consideration of the CharIN Design Guide

Tool Workflow

Schematic graphic: tool workflow of CANoe Test Package EV with the tools vTESTstudio and CANoe
Workflow of CANoe Test Package EV with the tools vTESTstudio and CANoe.

The execution and editing of the test cases is embedded in a tool workflow with vTESTstudio and CANoe. Due to the simple handling and the seamless interaction of these tools you achieve reliable test results very efficiently:


The test cases of CANoe Test Package EV (1) are implemented as a project in vTESTstudio (2). The test execution itself is performed in CANoe (4). The "Generator Tool" (1) is used to create a new CANoe configuration containing the test cases ready for execution at the same time as a vTESTstudio project is created.


After a change to the vTESTstudio project, e.g. as an adaptation to an existing test environment or existing CANoe configuration, a Test Unit (3) is then created, which in turn is integrated into CANoe. The vTESTstudio project can be opened directly in CANoe.


The desired test cases can be selected individually or in groups in CANoe and started directly. The test result is logged in a test report (5), which can either be read with the CANoe Test Report Viewer or output as XML/HTML format.

Depending on the hardware used, which may also be from third party suppliers, the test cases can be executed in different development phases: from initial ECU tests - including remaining bus simulation at component level - to the testing of complete vehicles at system level.

Integration Levels

The test cases of CANoe Test Package EV can be used at different integration levels of the development process. This flexibility simplifies workflows and saves costs.

And What Comes Next?

Webinar recording: "The Vector E-Mobility Solution - An Overview" (55 min.)

... The Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution!

The tools for analyzing, simulating and testing the charging communication between an e-vehicle (EV) and a charging station (EVSE) are the components of the Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution. These tools can be used on all integration levels

  • from first hardware-independent software level where only the communication stack is available to system level with complete EVs or EVSEs

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CANoe Test Package EV


Sending and receiving messages while the test cases are executed is based on the additionally required CANoe options CANoe.SmartCharging and depending on the standard:

The test cases are created with vTESTstudio. Any adaptation of the test cases to an existing test environment or to the System Under Test therefore requires vTESTstudio.

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For the execution of test cases at component level, the control of the Vector hardware interfaces are already directly integrated:

The integration of additional power hardware for testing at system level is possible by means of predefined interfaces.

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Supported Standards

  • Currently test cases from DIN 70122, ISO 15118 and GB/T 34658 are available.
  • Test cases for IEC 61851 and CHAdeMO standards will be available step by step with later product versions.


GB/T: Charging Communication in Chinese
Developing and Testing GB/T-27930-compliant Electric Vehicles and Chargers

Electric mobility plays an important role in China in particular, as an ever-increasing number of vehicles on the streets there are electric. This requires the availability of extensive charging infrastructure. Standards like GB/T 27930 are necessary for ensuring that electric vehicles and chargers can communicate reliably with one another

Product Descriptions

Fact Sheet:

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Intel compatible Core i7 or comparable
≥ 3 GHz
≥ 4 cores
Intel compatible
2 GHz
2 cores
CANoe benefits from higher clock rates rather than higher number of cores.
Memory (RAM)
≥ 32 GB
8 GB
Hard disk space
Depending on the options used and the operating system components.
Screen resolution
Full HD
1280×1024 Pixels
Operating system
Windows 10 64 bit (≥ version 1803)
Windows 10 64 bit (≥ version 1803)
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Test cases CANoe Test Package EV:

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Generator Tool:

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