VT2710 and PSI5SENTpiggyA

Serial Interface Module

The module VT2710 enables the test of serial communication between an ECU and one or several digital sensors. Either the ECU or the sensors can be simulated. Tracing of the communication between real ECU and real sensors is possible as well. The module addresses two groups of serial interfaces:

  • The automotive sensor interfaces PSI5 and SENT and
  • the universal digital interfaces SPI, I2C, UART, RS232, RS422, RS485 or LVDS.

To operate the automotive sensor interfaces, the CANoe option Sensor as well as one PSI5SENTpiggyA per channel is required additionally. VT2710 supports max. 4 automotive sensor channels per module.

Serial Interface Module: VT2710


Functions for Universal Digital Interfaces

  • Two digital interfaces with 8 I/O pins each
  • Internally generated or externally supplied digital voltage per interface
  • Each I/O pin can be used as input or output
  • Simulation of an SPI master or up to 5 separately controllable SPI slaves on 2 channels
  • UART or RS232 on 2 channels each (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP). For UART, the voltage level can be adjusted
  • Two RS485/RS422 channels for half duplex operation with switchable 120 Ohm termination resistor (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP)
  • I2C master or slave simulation in standard, fast or high-speed mode on two channels with switchable pull-up resistors for clock (SCL) and data (SDA) lines (supported from CANoe 11)
  • Two LVDS channels for sensor communication over higher distances, e.g. for the operation of spatially separated active probes. Additional power supply is provided from the module (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP)

Technical Data

Digital voltage (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP)
  Voltage range (input and output) 0 V … 6 V
  Max. output current 200 mA
SPI / UART interfaces (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP)
  Output voltage range 0 V … 6 V
  Max. data rate 10 Mbps (master simulation) / 6 Mbps (slave simulation)
RS232 interface (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP)
  Input voltage range -30 V … +30 V
  Output voltage range Typ. ±9 V
  Max. data rate 230 kbps
RS485/RS422 interface (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP)
  Common mode input voltage range -7 V … +12 V
  Common mode output voltage max. 3 V
  Max. data rate 10 Mbps
I2C interface (supported from CANoe 11.0)
  Voltage level 0 V … 6 V
  Max. data rate 3.4 Mbps
  Pull-up resistors 4.7 kΩ
LVDS interface (supported from CANoe 10.0 SP)
  Supply voltage VDD 0 V … 15 V
  Max. output current 500 mA
  Max. data rate 10 Mbps
Basic Data
  Supply voltage (via backplane) 12 V ±10 %
  Power consumption at 12V 10.5 W (fully equipped with four PSI5SENTpiggies)
  Temperature range 0 … 55 °C
  Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 173 x 36 mm
  Weight (VT2710) Approx. 510 g


Functions for the Automotive Sensor Interfaces PSI5 and SENT

  • Variable generation of the sensor supply voltage
  • Generation and recognition of sync pulses (PSI5) with variable slope, height and duration
  • Signal generation (voltage or current modulated)
  • Variation of the data rate
  • Asynchronous or synchronous parallel operation (PSI5)
  • Variable resistor and capacitor cascades for each channel to simulate various bus loads (PSI5)
  • Support SPC (Short PWM Code) protocol (PSI5)
  • Relays for short cuts between sensor and supply lines
  • Relays for short cuts to GND or battery voltage as well as between channels on two independent bus bars
  • Realisation on one PSI5SENTpiggyA per channel
PSI5SENTpiggyA: detail view

Technical Data

  Synchronisation pulse voltage 0 V … 24 V
  Slope of the synchronisation pulse (adjustable) 0.32 V/µs … 15 V/µs
  Max. current at ECU simulation 200 mA
  Basic current ILow at sensor simulation 0 mA … 150 mA
  Modulated current IHigh at sensor simulation 0 mA … 50 mA
  Capacitive bus load (adjustable) 0 nF … 127 nF (step width 1nF)
  Resistive bus load (adjustable) 0 Ω … 15,5 Ω (step width 0,5 Ω)
  Max. data rate 200 kbit/s
  Voltage range 0 V … 6 V
  Max. current at ECU simulation 50 mA
  Clock tick length at sensor simulation 2 µs … 200 µs
Basic Data
  Weight (PSI5SENTpiggyA) Approx. 70 g


Schematic of one PSI5/SENT channel of the VT2710

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