Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution
Efficient. Seamless. Comprehensive.
Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution
Efficient. Seamless. Comprehensive.

Tools & Services for Charging Communication Testing

The Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution features a lot of tools for analyzing, simulating and testing the charging communication between an e-vehicle (EV) and a charging station (EVSE). The tools can be used seamlessly on all integration levels:

  • From first hardware-independent software level where only the communication stack is available
  • to system level with complete EVs or EVSEs
  • in proven Vector quality.


Graphic of the V-model with seamless application areas of the Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution
The V-model: Seamless application of the Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution at all integration levels

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Jan Großmann
E-Mobility Testing Solution Manager

The Tools Short & Clear:


Analyzing, Simulating & Testing of Charging Communication


The CANoe Option SmartCharging extends CANoe by the ability to simulate the communication behavior of an electric vehicle (EV) or charging station (EVSE) during the charging process. This makes the SmartCharging Option the optimal tool for setting up a flexible and parameterizable counterpart for safeguarding functionality in the development of EV/EVSE charging control devices.


Automated Conformance & Interop Tests for EV/EVSE

CANoe Test Package EV

The CANoe Test Package EV is a library of powerful test cases. This is used to test conformance and interoperability of electric vehicles (EV) within the international standards CCS and GB/T. It covers the relevant test scenarios, is up-to-date at all times and is clearly structured.


CANoe Test Package EVSE   
+++ soon online +++

The CANoe Test Package EVSE is structured identically to the CANoe Test Package EV, but it provides test cases for conformance and interoperability of charging communication of charging stations (EVSE).
This product is already available and soon online on this website.


Analysis of CCS Charging Communication

VH5110 or "CCS Listener"

With the VH5110 − also called CCS Listener − you analyze the CCS protocol-based communication between a charging station (EVSE) and an electric vehicle (EV). The VH5110 listens to the data communicated on the control pilot line (CP) via power line communication (PLC) and measures the PWM parameters of the pilot signal.


Scalable & Modular Test Systems

VT System

The Vector VT System provides all the hardware required to test charge controllers for electric vehicles and charging stations. With the VT7970 (Qualcomm PLC chip) and VT7971 (Vertexcom PLC chip) dedicated hardware interfaces for the CCS standard are available.
The functionality is not only limited to communication, all other I/O interfaces of a controller can also be tested with the VT System.


Full Test Systems

For testing e-vehicles and charging stations, Vector offers complete test systems for all charging standards. In the case of the CCS standard, the test system is based on the CCTS (CharIN Conformance Test System) specification. Customer-specific extensions are possible at any time.


Automated Test Sequences for Embedded Systems


vTESTstudio is a powerful development environment for creating automated tests and is used to edit the test cases of the CANoe Test Package EV/EVSE. 


Virtual Developing and Testing AUTOSAR Software


vVIRTUALtarget is software for generating virtual ECUs for all typical AUTOSAR projects. This makes it possible to execute the test cases of the CANoe Test Package EV hardware-independently (Software-in-the-Loop) already against the embedded software of the charge controller.

Know-How Area


Live Recording
Live Recording
Execution of automated conformance & interoperability tests (2 min.)
Short Lecture
Short Lecture
Analyse Smart Charging Communication in Spite of TLS Encryption (11 min.)

Technical Article: "Smart Testing of Conformance and Interoperability"

The common practice for ensuring interoperability is to test e-vehicles manually using a large number of real charging stations. In view of the increasing number of different e-vehicles and charging stations, this approach is reaching its limits. This article shows how it can be done faster, more cost-effectively and with significantly higher test coverage.

By Jan Großmann, E-Mobility Testing Solution Manager

EV Charging Poster

Electric Vehicle Charging Communication Know-How Chart in DIN A1 format.

Order the brand new Vector Electric Vehicle Chart. The clearly structured Poster in DIN A1 format gives you important technical details on Charging Communication. Among other things, the unique poster illustrates the following topics:

  • Electric Charging Use Cases
  • Charging Methods
  • Charging Interfaces
  • Standards and Protocols
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.. And Further E-Mobility Know-How

Solutions for E-Mobility

Test systems and ECU software for charging ECUs, charging stations and induction charging systems.

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GB/T Know-How

Overview about Chinese protocol for communication between chargers and EVs

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