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Engineering Services for ECU Calibration

To let you fully concentrate on your ECU calibration tasks, Vector can support you with its know-how and tailor-made comprehensive solutions for your various other tasks.

Photo engineering services for ECU calibration

Provided Services

Graphic individual services related to ECU calibration
  • Consulting on how to optimally use available features to increase the efficiency of your work processes

  • Automate measurement data evaluations

  • Support in integrating model-based development with MATLAB/Simulink

  • Migration of internal tool chains to Vector solutions

  • Create and maintain complex configurations

  • Migration support and technology expertise in switching over to new technologies such as Ethernet or XCP

  • Add an A2L generation process

  • Integrate existing analog measurement technology in CANape

  • Integrate high-performance measurement technology solutions in your ECU based on the VX1000 system

  • Set up complete bypassing solutions

  • On-site project support by a Field Application Engineer

  • Integration in test benches

Case Study

Analyze Large Quantities of Measurement Data Rationally and Flexibly

Photo test drive with CANape as measurement & calibration tool

On test benches and in durability tests, automotive OEMs collect important information on the behavior of vehicle components under realistic conditions. However, in view of the enormous quantities of data that are generated and their complex interrelationships, it is often a time-consuming process to subsequently identify and analyze the relevant data sets. To accelerate the analysis of measurement data in testing its automatic transmissions, Daimler AG relies on automated data evaluation by the CANape measurement and calibration tool.

Measurement Data Analysis

Reach Your Goal Faster with Customized Services

Graphic Services for Measurement Data Analysis

Do you spend much of your working hours preparing an analysis for your measurement data?

The data mining functionality in CANape and vSignalyzer allows you to automate the analysis and thus save valuable time and expense. Data mining refers to the automated search for events in measurement files and the consolidation of results in reports. It is possible to use an existing measurement data analysis without any special knowledge. The user selects the data to be analyzed and chooses the analysis to be performed. In the simplest case, the result is a finished report in PDF format. More effort is needed to create a new automated analysis. At least two things must come together. Your domain expertise of requirements and the implementation in the tool.

Besides the tools, Vector offers you comprehensive customized services. Through implementation of your requirements, your users benefit from an easy, fast, and efficient data analysis.

Open Interfaces for Customized Functions

Tailored to Your Application

CANape is a universal tool for measuring, calibrating, flashing, evaluating measurement data, etc. You edit parameter set files efficiently and traceably with the integrated but also separately available vCDMstudio. Both tools have comprehensive and powerful functions for all typical applications for optimal calibration of your ECUs. Nevertheless, there can be special cases in which the scope of functions does not match your needs exactly. By means of open interfaces, CANape and vCDMstudio can be tailored to your purposes.

A few possible expansions are listed here as examples:

  • Integration of hardware measurement systems such as analog measurement technology
  • Integration of cameras for detecting driving situations or temperatures (heat patterns)
  • Communication using proprietary protocols
  • Development of CDM Studio plug-ins for optimization of parameters

We are happy to provide you with the necessary development services for this. Alternatively, in many cases you also have the option to perform the implementation yourself.


Workshops for Measuring and Calibration

Photo training at Vector

Get to know the Vector system solution for measurement, calibration and diagnostics: