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New: CANalyzer 13.0 - Highlights of New Features


With the current version of CANalyzer 13.0 you will benefit from these new and further improved features


Graphics Window

  • Signals from all CANalyzer logging formats can be displayed directly in the Graphics Window.
  • The new grouping function allows quick activation and deactivation of user-defined signal groups for better overview. Activation state can also be controlled using CAPL.

Map Window

  • The GPS Window has been completely reworked and has been merged with the Car2x Map Window. Besides map material from OpenStreetMap┬« also HERE maps can be used.  


  • The network-based hardware access is much closer to the real network topology and thus simplifies the work with different measurement and analysis tasks.

Vector Tool Environment (VTE)

  • The VTE provides an editor framework in which future file editors are embedded under an uniform look and feel. The Panel Designer is already prepared accordingly.


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