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Model-Based E/E Development Conforming to ISO 26262: Designing Advanced Systems – Safely!

Electrification, automation and vehicle networking demand maximum requirements for the functional safety of vehicles. The electronic systems for new vehicle functions are networked to a high degree, which makes a safety analysis on the level of the complete system necessary. In addition, technical trends such as automotive Ethernet and AUTOSAR Adaptive need to be considered. Model-based engineering environments support engineers in overcoming these challenges.

Model-based environments provide different views of a vehicle’s E/E content and are a powerful tool in development. They enable consistent design of functionally safe systems and help engineers to focus on the core activities of their work. Powerful tools like PREEvision also offer process support which can be adapted to the specific needs of OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. An integrated approach results in traceability: from the requirements specification to the safety verification. This article sheds light on functional safety as an integral component of E/E development with PREEvision and explains how to design advanced systems safely.