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Webinar Recording


Duration: 53 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Andreas Horn and Arnulf Braatz

Automated Driving: Impact on Safety and Security according to ISO TR 4804

The demand for more automated driving features leads to a incredible fast development of new technologies for vehicles. Already published engineering standards for safety and security, like ISO 26262, ISO  21448 and ISO 21434, need new interpretations and in some cases enhancements as well to be applicable. The TR 4804 is a promising new guideline which brings those known standards  and concepts into the field of higher level of automation above SAE L2.

This webinar introduces the basic concepts (e.g. machine learning) and techniques (e.g. risk assessments) for designing and testing these kinds of automated driving systems.  Learn how E/E architecture of vehicles are impacted and get insight concerning upcoming key features there. Benefit from frequently asked questions which we see in our worldwide consulting projects. Maintain your competitive edge and take advantage of our expert tips.

Target Group:

  • Engineers in product development
  • System and software engineers
  • Safety engineers and safety managers
  • Architects
  • Engineering managers