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Webinar Recording


Duration: 45 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Daniela Köhler and Michael Vogel

vCDMstudio – A Very Easy Way to Work with Calibration Data!

vCDMstudio is the powerful entry-level solution for efficient calibration data management. This short 45-minute webinar recording will familiarize you with the possibilities for processing and displaying parameter sets and hex files. During the presentation that features many practical examples, you will learn how to use vCDMstudio to compare parameter sets and to combine them into new datasets.

The large number of supported formats allows you to easily return the datasets back to development. You will be given an overview of the different possibilities, such as filters, graphic and numeric display of parameters, evaluation of calibration statuses, and report functionality. In addition, a distinction will be drawn between vCDMstudio, CANape and vCDM, the enterprise data management solution.

Target Group

  • Calibration engineers
  • Users of ETAS INCA
  • Dataset managers
  • Tool developers