Webinar Recording


Duration: 36 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Jörg Schäuffele

PREEvision: Function Design

Over the last decade the model-based design of the logical architecture as a starting point for the abstract specification of the functionality of a system implemented by several components of the E/E network of the vehicle was established. This methodology found high acceptance for the development of vehicle functions including their diagnostics and functional safety concepts. So far, the design of vehicle functions and systems considered only the onboard E/E system as design space. But high-performance computers (HPC) inside vehicles, new software platforms like AUTOSAR Adaptive and the connectivity of vehicles to the IT backends offer a much bigger design space in the future. This webinar shows how to cope with the resulting complexity and how to apply the right abstractions and methods for the logical design.

Attendance recommended for:

  • System architects and system designer in the E/E development process