CANape 18.0 SP5 HF1

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.51 SP5 Hotfix 1. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.51:

User Operation and Display

  • Project container: Changes in partial configurations are saved correctly when closing the project.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after hibernating/suspending PC when working with CANape and vCDMstudio
  • The included vFlash component has been updated to version 6.0 SP2.
  • Active SOME/IP: Support alternative representation of arrays to be used with Map/Curve window

Communication Protocols

  • Ethernet monitor: Stability improvement in case many signals are received via duplicated PDUs
  • Active SOME/IP: Bugfix for displaying parameters during measurement
  • ETH Monitor: Bugfix for measuring concatenated services
  • DLT: Support several devices on the same multicast IP
  • ETH Monitor: Support several SOME/IP service instances
  • XCP/PTP: Support detection of synchronization to grandmaster clock
  • DLT: None-Verbose messages are now interpreted even if Extended Header is present

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • The macro for signal value access was added to the context menu of the recorder file name.
  • RIF devices no longer use XCP Connection mode 2.
  • Velodyne VLP-32C is now supported.
  • A connection issue with multiple RIF devices has been fixed.
  • DHPR: Synchronization improvement in case of synchronized measurement time
  • Time synchronization issues during a VX1161 standalone measurement have been fixed.
  • Sporadic crashes during a measurement with DHPR devices have been fixed.
  • VTSS: Bugfix for time synchronization for legacy devices
  • A problem with event mode "on measurement start" during a VX1161 standalone measurement has been fixed.
  • An error that occured when uploading a stream configuration to VX1161 has been fixed.
  • Improvements for the CAN baud rate settings when configuring CSM CAN based modules
  • DHPR: Missing MDF comments have been added and wrong entries have been corrected.
  • Enhanced message decoding checks for PDUs within container PDUs for bus monitors
  • Vector IO: During measurement start digitial output will not get a short reset anymore
  • (HF1) An error upon measurement start, which occurred after changing the XCP protocol version, was fixed.
  • (HF1) The settings for the XCP protocol version of the raw data device are now correctly imported from the project.
  • (HF1) The XCP 1.3 time synchronisation mechanisms for CANape and DHPR were improved.4


  • File extensions of MAP files are no longer truncated to 3 characters.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • When creating a new dataset, the option "Separate A2L directory" is considered correctly. The respective file will be assigned to the new dataset.
  • Switching between projects that contain devices with active dataset management is more robust.
  • Improved support of cuboid parameters when saving parameter files in CDFX format
  • Fixed opening of the reference dataset in vCDMstudio. The column now is opened correctly when the window is activated.
  • Improved robustness when activating datasets: The calibration data history is reset correctly.
  • Copying in vCDMstudio has been improved: During the subsequent comparison of the values it is checked whether the comparison is possible.
  • Improved robustness when inserting parameters into the CANape configuration: If dataset management is active and the current dataset does not contain all parameters, a check for this is done upon inserting.


  • COM/API: The return value of FifoLevel method has been corrected to Long.
  • COM TCP: Fix the CANape startup in case of a 64Bit installation

Extended MATLAB/Simulink Support

  • Internal signals of a MATLAB/Simulink based virtual measurement file channel can now be displayed


  • Improved handling of configured parameter windows/variables when changing CANape projects with active dataset management
  • If the ACC check fails, the device will not be switched to "measurement only" mode automatically. Instead, the user can choose to continue or abort in the info dialog.


  • VX Tools: Integration of the latest version 4.2


  • Improved video recording with pre-trigger time
  • Support of the video RAW image data format in the Video window.
  • Improved Axis camera driver
  • Video streams with a time-sync signal from measurement files can be replayed after loading the configuration.

Functions and Scripts

  • An issue that occurred when assigning a CASL function multiple times was solved.
  • Measurement functions support conversion rules defined for the function result.

Driver Assistance

  • Arrays of structures from bus messages can be used for visualization with GFX objects.
  • The GFX object data source assignment is maintained during create and reload operations.
  • MappleG can be used as map material again.
  • Support of software structures for the display with GFX objects
  • Support of re-modification of the filter for signal-based objects
  • Display problems of the track have been fixed.
  • The display of the same multimedia signal in two Multimedia windows synchronized via the global measurement cursor also synchronizes the display of the GFX objects.
  • When exchanging a measurement file, the transformation values of the GFX objects are being kept.
  • When importing configurations with GFX objects, incorrect error messages were displayed. This has been fixed.
  • The calibration file for DHPR devices with video data is saved correctly again.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • A problem was solved that occurred when multiple signals with same name and same source existed inside measurement configuration and mode "Display Values from Measurement File" was used.
  • The resolution of created PDF documents was improved.
  • Signal values from an MF4 file with compressed signal data that was loaded from vMDM server are now read correctly in case of parallel access, for example when using calculated signals or for display in different Graphic windows.

Working with Measurement Files

  • The measurement file export converter into MATLAB format includes signal values marked with the invalid flag.
  • The measurement export converter into ASCII format does not change dots inside string values into commas anymore.
  • Displaying signals from MAT files will use the time channel of the signal group.
  • Bus signal completion supports MF4 bus logging files containing floating point signals with a bit offset.
  • Displaying large bus logging files in the Trace Window is much faster now.
  • Displaying string signals from TDMS files is supported now.
  • Improved the creation of structures and components during export into MATLAB format
  • Embedded attachments of MDF4 files can be saved by drag and drop.
  • Deanonymization of structures with only one component does work now.
  • The conversion of TDMS files correctly considers the properties.
  • CANconv: Support dynamically assigned ports for AUTOSAR PDUs
  • CANconv: Improved integrity check of PDU headers in dynamic container AUTOSAR PDUs
  • During deanonymisation single recorded signals with a structure name are added using the correct offset.

Measurement Data Management

  • If configured in recorder, now MDF files created by a triggered measurement are saved in vMDM cloud, too.
  • The MDF Shell Extension displays information from files located on network drives.
  • The MDF Shell Extension detects the measurement time range from the time channel values instead of using the min/max values.

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