CANape 17.0 SP7

Updates existing installations of version 17.0 to 17.0.70 SP7. The following changes become effective with version 17.0.70:

User Operation and Display

  • Fixed a crash that occurred after hibernating/suspending PC when working with CANape and vCDMstudio.

Communication Protocols

  • Ethernet monitor: Stability improvement in case many signals are received via duplicated PDUs

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • DHPR: "Working Directory" can be selected directly as MDF output path.
  • Sporadic crashes during a measurement with DHPR devices have been fixed.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • When creating a new dataset, the option "Separate A2L directory" is considered correctly. The respective file will be assigned to the new dataset.
  • Fixed opening of the reference dataset in vCDMstudio. The column now is opened correctly when the window is activated.
  • Improved robustness when inserting parameters into the CANape configuration: If dataset management is active and the current dataset does not contain all parameters, a check for this is done upon inserting.


  • COM/API: The return value type of FifoLevel method has been corrected to Long.
  • COM TCP: Fix the CANape startup in case of a 64Bit installation


  • VXtools: Integration of the latest version 4.2


  • Improved video recording with pre-trigger time

Functions and Scripts

  • Measurement functions support conversion rules defined for the function result.
  • An issue that occurred when assigning a CASL function multiple times was solved.

Data Mining

  • A sporadic problem at the start of data mining has been fixed.

Driver Assistance

  • The display of the same multimedia signal in two Multimedia windows synchronized via the global measurement cursor also synchronizes the display of the GFX objects.
  • CANape recognizes the license of the vSignalyzer Option Driver Assistance correctly again.

Working with Measurement Files

  • The measurement file export converter into MATLAB format includes signal values marked with the invalid flag.
  • The measurement export converter into ASCII format does not change dots inside string values into commas anymore.
  • Displaying signals from MAT files will use the time channel of the signal group.
  • Bus signal completion supports MF4 bus logging files containing floating point signals with a bit offset.
  • Displaying string signals from TDMS files is supported now.
  • The conversion of TDMS files correctly considers the properties.
  • CANconv: Improved integrity check of PDU headers in dynamic container AUTOSAR PDUs


Size : 3.28 GB
MD5 hash : d6888ef238f71dc51f758e7961f4a736
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