Diagnostic Development with AUTOSAR – the Benefits for Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers

OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers utilize many different processes for the development of vehicle diagnostics. Various exchange formats are used and the implemented tools are usually adapted to each company’s specific process. At the very latest, problems start occurring when diagnostic descriptions have to be exchanged with development partners and used in their tool chains. This is always a time-consuming undertaking – if indeed it is possible at all to exchange data without any loss of information. The AUTOSAR Diagnostic Extract Template (DEXT) offers a completely new range of possibilities for diagnostic development. The basic software modules that are relevant for diagnostics can be configured uniformly across enterprise boundaries, for example OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, or in collaborations between OEMs. Tasks that were previously performed by the integrator at the Tier 1 supplier can now be realized in a decentralized way using DEXT.

Published in Hanser automotive, issue 9/2018

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