ODXStudio 5.0 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 5.0 to 5.0 SP2. Not suitable for older versions.

With ODXStudio 5.0 SP2, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • Performance improvement for "Cleanup..." menu (ODXS-48833)
    (ODX-D Native) For large ECU-SHARED-DATA documents using TABLEs, the performance was improved.
  • Support for Segnum > 99 in ODX-E MB Car View (ODXS-48739)
    (ODX-E MB Car) Extension of the value range for Segment numbers in the OEM specific perspective.
  • Daimler Flash Plugin (ODXS-48664)
    (Plugin) Provide a Plugin to create Daimler ODX-F containers via command line.

Issues solved

  • Detect also 64 bit CANdelaStudio installation (ODXS-48856)
    (Framework) ODXStudio now also automatically detects CANdelaStudio also if it is installed as 64 bit version.
  • Editing Fragments allows duplicate Bit Position (ODXS-48804)
    (ODX-E MB Car) In a specific case, it was possible to create Fragments with duplicate bit positions.
  • Grid on Right Hand Side looses Focus if Dependencies View is active (ODXS-48753)
    (ODX-D Native) In case the dependencies view was active, the focus was captured by the dependencies view. ShortCuts etc. on the right hand windows were not possible in this case.
  • Exception in ODX-E MB Truck invoking XLSX-Export (ODXS-48849)
    (ODX-E MB Truck) In case the Excel Export was invoked on the root node "ECU Configuration", an Exception occurred.
  • Gap between ComboBox and Tabs on RHS (ODXS-48811)
    (ODX-D Native) There was a huge gap between the selection combobox and the tabs on the right hand side of ODXStudio.
  • Issue with High DPI in Param Properties (ODXS-48834)
    (ODX-D Native) On High DPI displays the PARAM properties dialog did not display correctly.
  • Correctly determine CANdelaStudio 10 (ODXS-48872)
    (Framework) CANdelaStudio 10 is now detected correctly so that automatic ODX Export etc. works properly.


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MD5 hash : 21f4647e88e24e397be804851510c5d3
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