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Connectivity Features Service for IoT

Test IoT Applications

This free extension for CANoe/CANoe4SW allows you to easily connect your System Under Test (SUT) via a back end or local broker. Your SUT can be a real device or pure software, e.g. in a virtual environment. Initially MQTT is supported as protocol, but more protocols are planned.


  • For functional tests of your software or your smart device
  • Use familiar features, such as analysis windows, automated testing or integration of additional models to provide the system environment
  • No special IT policy necessary, since the connection is established via web sockets or HTTPS

Benefit From a Low Entry Barrier and Simple Operation:

  • You start immediately after receiving and configuring the certificates required for authentication.
  • Protocol-specific aspects are handled implicitly. You can concentrate fully on your application data.
  • If you are already working with CANoe/CANoe4SW, you will remain within your usual workflows for simulation and testing.

Exemplary Test Setup: Temperature Control by Ventilator

The system to be tested is a room temperature control:

  • Multiple temperature sensors provide measured values
  • The “business logic” is running in the back end
  • The back end software calculates the ventilator speed based on the provided temperature values
  • The speed is transmitted to the ventilator
  • The ventilator device software adds some own logic, e.g. emergency stop
  • The communication between the ventilator, the sensor and the back end is based on MQTT

You Would Like to Get This Extension?

You need at least CANoe version 13.0 or CANoe4SW version 14. Then you only need to send a e-mail to our support to request the access certificate.