Compact and Flexible FlexRay Bus Connection

VN7610 - FlexRay/CAN FD Interface for USB

The FlexRay network interface VN7610 is ideally suited for the development, simulation or testing of FlexRay networks. The connection possibilities via USB make it universally applicable (for example in the laboratory or during a test drive). Due to its very compact design the VN7610 is especially suitable for mobile applications.
In addition to FlexRay bus connection, the interface provides access also to CAN FD bus systems.


  • Simulation of extensive networks due to 2 MB send memory (parallel configuration of more than 1000 messages for transmission)
  • Cold start of the FlexRay cluster without needing to add a network node
  • Analysis of the network startup via an independent monitoring unit
  • 1 FlexRay channel (A and B)
  • Ideal for CANoe/CANape/CANalyzer applications with CAN, CAN FD as well as FlexRay bus access
  • Updating of functional range by FPGA update possible
  • Minimal space requirements due to its compact and small design
VN7610 - CAN FD / FlexRay Interface

Application Areas

  • Flexible analysis of FlexRay networks and ECUs,
  • Precise time analysis of communication data
  • Analysis and test of ECUs and gateway applications

Additionally, customer-specific applications can be created by using FlexRay-specific libraries.



  • Dynamic reconfiguration of the CC buffers
  • Transmission and reception of data and null frames
  • Detection of invalid frames
  • Cycle multiplexing
  • In-cycle response
  • Hardware-based incrementing of a payload area
  • Support of PDUs
  • FlexRay gateway (channel A)
  • Startup + asynchronous monitoring allows detection of FlexRay frames and symbols, even before the communication controller has synchronized itself to the bus.


  • Synchronization with several devices and other bus systems (e.g. CAN(FD), LIN)
  • Support of CAN FD up to 8 MBit
  • Fast CAN flashing through hardware-based flash sequence support
  • CAPL-on-Board for CAN and FlexRay

Product Descriptions

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1 x FlexRay , 1 x CAN(FD)
 x CAN(FD)
Transceiver FlexRay: TJA1082 / CAN(FD): TJA1051
FR Comm. Controller Analysis
Bosch E-Ray (FPGA)
Bosch E-Ray (FPGA)
Send memory 2 MB
FlexRay Cluster (A+B) 1
PC interface USB 2.0
Connectors 1 x D-SUB9 (dual channel1)
External power supply via USB
Power consumption 2 W
Operating systems Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 7/8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Driver Library XL Driver Library
Temperature range, operating:
-40...+50 °C
-40....+85 °C
Dimensions (LxWxD) 42 x 20 x 65 mm


(1): Cable with D-SUB9 dual channel assignment to two separate D-SUB9 connectors with single channel assignment available as accessory.


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