High-Performance Stress Module for Reproducible Disturbances on the FlexRay Bus

Disturbing FlexRay Systems with FRstress

FRstress generates reproducible disturbances in FlexRay systems. It can generate protocol errors as well as manipulations in bus physics that are activated by trigger conditions.

FRstress is an easy-to-use hardware module whose integration in the system differs depending on the desired disturbance.


  • Easy testing of disturbance handling in FlexRay systems and nodes

  • Reproducible simulation of line problems

  • Comfortable configuration and control via a user-friendly Windows-based operating program

  • Various trigger conditions, disturbance sequences and values of line resistors and the capacitor for analog disturbances

  • Integration in the CANoe test environment

Application Areas

FRstress is the ideal tool for testing disturbance handling in FlexRay systems and nodes. It enables reproducible simulation of line problems.


  • Generation of asynchronous and synchronous disturbance sequences

  • Modification of individual frame bits including CRC recalculation

  • Switch-in RC network with adjustable resistances and an adjustable capacitor

  • Switchable connections between the bus lines, to ground and to supply voltage

  • Trigger logic to detect different positions in the FlexRay frame

  • 4 parallel trigger conditions and associated disturbance sequences

  • Configuration via FIBEX and AUTOSAR databases

  • Trigger output to drive external devices

  • Synchronization capability for parallel operation of two FRstress modules

Trigger Conditions & Disturbance Sequences

Trigger conditions

  • Triggering on FlexRay frame elements
  • Triggering on frame coding elements
  • Manual triggering via the FRstress software
  • External trigger: Voltage signal at trigger input
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Disturbance sequences

  • Asynchronous sequence on the FlexRay bus

  • Modification of the elements of FlexRay frames with bit precision

  • Number of repetitions can be set for a disturbance sequence

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Technical Data

FlexRay channels
1 disturbance module per FlexRay channel, synchronized operation with 2 modules
Resistance range
0 Ω...2.558 kΩ in 1.25 Ω steps
0 pF...3150 pF in 50 pF steps
External, manual or on trigger conditions
Maximum disturbance
4095 bits
Module configuration
FlexRay in/out, trigger input & output, Sync input, voltage supply
Supply voltage
8 V...40 V DC (5-pin connector)
Disturbance voltage
0 V...40 V
Temperature range
-10 °C...75 °C
151 x 168 x 53 mm (aluminum housing)


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