Optimize your ECU Testing
for in-vehicle use on test drives or for test benches

Accessories for GL Loggers and CANlog

Vector offers accessories for the data loggers of the GL1000/GL2000/GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 families, CANlog 3 and CANlog 4 to support your logging tasks optimally.

Wireless Data Transfer

LTE router for mobile radio, with adapter GLA600

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For the GL3000/GL4000 family the WiFi board is used for the wireless transfer of logging data files from vehicles that are parked at stationary locations. Additionally you can update the configuration and firmware of the logger via WiFi. For the data transfer the ML Server software must be installed on the PC.


  • Particularly suitable for use in test fleets due to automatic data transfer
  • Transfer only selected logged data is configurable
  • Connection to several serves in different locations possible
  • Data transfer via WiFi according to IEEE 802.11b/g (54 Mbit/s)
  • Encryption via WPA, WPA2
  • Security protocols EAP/TLS, TKIP, RADIUS
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Logging of Vehicle Position via GPS

Use this GPS receiver to also record the position of your vehicle time-synchronously to the bus communication.

For the GL2000 family an alternative GPS module is available.



  • 12 channel GPS receiver
  • Receiving frequency: 1575.42 MHz, L1 band
  • Measurement values updated with frequency of 1 Hz or 5 Hz
  • Data output over RS232 in NMEA0183 format and/or to CAN
  • For CAN, the cycle time and identifier are configurable
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GPS receiver (serial module) for GL2000 family

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This compact, digital network camera gives you the ability to supplement your logged data with high-quality color images for GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 loggers. The environmental during a test drive or of vehicle components is thus documented graphically.   



  • Records images or image sequences with date and clock time in file name
  • JPEG image format with configurable compression
  • Time-synchronous logging
  • Image rate up to 25 images/s
  • Resolution 1280 x 720  to 320 x 180 pixels
  • Configurable shutter speed
  • Transfer of images from the ring buffer to the logger periodically or on event
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AXIS F44 Main Unit with up to 4 sensor lenses

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Measurement Technology

The loggers of the GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 family are already equipped with 6 analog inputs. With the Analog Board you can expand the loggers to add 8 additional analog inputs. 



  • 8 differential, unipolar analog inputs
  • Voltage range 0 V ... 18 V
  • Resolution 12 Bit
  • Precision 0,2 %
  • Sampling rate 1 kHz for each channel
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With the loggers of the GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 family and the VX measurement hardware, you can record internal ECU signals (variables, parameters) in parallel with bus communication. The ECU signals are measured using a POD (plug-on device). The connection of the logger to the VX module is by means of Ethernet and uses the XCP on Ethernet protocol.



  • XCP on Ethernet for higher data rates than XCP on the vehicle bus
  • Data transmission via DAQ mode
  • Support of ECUs with serial PODs
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Further Accessories

External extension for up to 14 LIN channels

External LINprobe adapters are available for all GL loggers to log additional LIN channels. You can send LIN frames, too.



  • LIN extension with 2 LIN channels with the following variants:

    • LINprobe R receives LIN frames
    • LINprobe X receives and sends LIN frames. When sending, LINprobe X serves as either Master or Slave.
    • LINprobe G receives and sends LIN frames, like LINprobe X. In addition, it can be used as a simple standalone CAN/LIN gateway.

  • Data output to CAN (identifier is configurable)
  • LIN and CAN baud rates are configurable
  • Extension per logger:

    • Max. 5 LINprobes (10 additional channels) for GL1000/GL2000 family
    • Max. 7 LINprobes (14 additional channels) for GL3000/GL4000 family
    • Max. 5 LINprobes (10 additional channels) for GL5000 family

  • Export of LIN frames in many other formats, e.g. ASC, BLF, MDF
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LOGview lets you graphically display data from selected signals during logging as well as display text-based information.



  • LCD display with 128 x 64 pixels
  • Graphic window: 59 mm x 38 mm
  • Displays up to 8 lines of 21 characters each
  • 3 programmable pushbuttons
  • 16 independent display pages
  • 2 fonts with zoom (total of 30 font sizes)
  • Graphic functions: logging of straight lines, rectangles, etc.
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CAS1T3L and E2T2L

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SD/CF memory cards and SSD

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SSD reading station

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Piggyback boards

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Product Descriptions

Fact Sheet of Accessories:

Product Information of Accessories:


Preview of the free Vector Logger Poster with logging hardware and accessories

Vector offers specialized logging solutions for in-vehicle use on test drives or for test benches.

This reference chart gives you:

  • An overview about the Vector logging solutions
  • Illustrates the logging process
  • Indicates the configuration possibilities

Format: DIN A1 upright, folded to DIN A4

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