ECU, Busses, ADAS-Sensors and More

Reliable Recording of Measurement Data

Whoever acquires measurement data from a variety of sources needs a reliable system that records data in a time-synchronized manner. The Vector solutions give you access to the following:

Your Tools for ECU and Bus Measurement

The following tools facilitate the time-synchronized real-time acquisition:

  • CANape – The All-Round Tool for Measurement of Nearly All Kinds of Data

  • CANape log – Use your CANape configurations directly in this logger 

  • vMeasure exp – Reliably solving complex measurement tasks with focus on analog measurement

  • vMeasure log - Use your vMeasure exp configurations directly in this logger

  • VX1000 – Scalable measurement and calibration hardware for ECUs and ADAS sensors

  • XCP Driver – Embedded solution for access to ECU internal data  

  • Network Interfaces - Interfaces to connect your PC with CAN / CAN FD, LIN, J1708, Ethernet, FlexRay as well as 802.11p

Measurement Software

Screenshot CANape windows for measurement


CANape is the Swiss Army Knife to measure nearly everything. Everywhere.

vMeasure exp

vMeasure is derived from CANape. Its focus is the analog measurement of physical values, internal ECU signals and signals sent via a vehicle bus.

ECU Relevant Interfaces

Photo with Base Modules VX1135 and VX1060, VX1453 Generic HSSL POD, VX1543A Serial POD


The VX1000 system is a scalable solution with maximum performance for your measurement and ECU calibration tasks. It forms the interface between the ECU and a measurement and calibration tool such as CANape. For high data throughput with minimum runtime effects on the ECU, access is by means of microcontroller-specific data trace and debug interfaces.


XCP Driver

The XCP driver allows access to the controller internal memory for measurement and calibration via the ASAM standard protocol XCP.



Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP is a communication protocol that supports remote procedure calls, event notifications, and the underlying network. In service-oriented data transmission, a sender transmits data only if at least one receiver on the network has subscribed to it. It’s supported in CANape.


AUTOSAR DLT (Diagnostic, Log and Trace)

The DLT Module is a software module that collects debug information from applications or other software modules inside the ECU. Metadata are added to the debug information. All information were transmitted via Ethernet.


Diagnostic Protocols

The access to the diagnostic data and services via diagnostic protocols UDS and KWP2000 rounds off the view of the processes in the control unit.