Solutions for Remote Diagnostics and Flashing

Remote applications are essential in modern vehicle development. Either for diagnostics, flashing or generally to make an application remote capable.

Distributed development locations and production sites, test drives in inaccessible areas and fast troubleshooting in the workshop require remote tools and solutions that are secure, simple and flexible to use. In the area of diagnostics and flashing, Vector offers coordinated remote tools for various application areas.

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Ready for a more in-depth introduction to remote diagnostics and flashing? Watch this presentation speech from the Vector Virtual Week 2020:

Vector Virtual Week 2020: Remote Vehicle Diagnostics and ECU Flashing, Getting Started within 60 Seconds (Bettina Schade / Ralf Abramowitsch)

Key Use Cases

Test Drive

Remote Diagnostics and Flashing on a Test Drive

During the test drive an unusual behaviour with the car occurs, which only happens in a very special driving situation. A close analysis by an expert or developer would be useful, but they are rarely around.

With a remote diagnostic or flash tool, an expert diagnose the car from a distance and investigate the fault, even while driving. If necessary, a new software version can also be flashed remotely.

Ideally, the effect of a fault elimination operation can be verified immediately in the repeated driving situation.


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Vehicle in Production Plant

Remote Diagnostics and Flashing in Production Plant

A serious problem with a vehicle, a system, an ECU or with a new software version occurs on the production line in a production plant abroad. A close analysis by an expert or developer would be useful, but they are rarely around.

With a remote diagnostic or flash tool, an expert can remotely investigate the fault, even in production. Ideally, the cause of the problem can be quickly identified and troubleshooting measures can be ensured so that there is not a breakdown in production.


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Start-up and System Integration in Cooperation Projects

Remote Diagnostics and Flashing in Cooperation Projects

In cooperation projects, different systems of different companies from different locations are often integrated in one vehicle. In such cases, commissioning is particularly difficult, as the systems must first be optimally coordinated. It would be useful if the experts of all the systems involved were to work together during commissioning. However, it would be far too expensive for all experts to travel to the site.

With a remote diagnostic or flash tool, an expert can be called in spontaneously from a distance if a problem occurs. Ideally, the cause of the error can be quickly identified and steps to resolve it can be agreed.


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Problem Vehicle in the Workshop

Remote Diagnostics and Flashing in a Workshop

In the workshop there are situations in which even the specialist cannot find the cause of the problem without the help of an expert. At the same time, the vehicle owner no longer wants to give up their vehicle. However, locating and correcting such faults is typically difficult and time-consuming - especially when support is provided exclusively by telephone.

It would be useful for the expert to be able to use a diagnostic tester remotely to examine the vehicle, supported by the workshop employee on site. Or a remote flash tool for updating the software. Ideally, the cause of the problem can be quickly identified and measures for troubleshooting can be shown.


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Remote Tools

Remote Diagnostics with Indigo Remote

Indigo Remote is the remote diagnostics solution that allows an expert to directly and interactively diagnose any vehicle worldwide immediately.


  • Quick and easy setup at the point of use
  • High data security: Diagnostic data, processes and safety algorithms are not required on site and are therefore not transmitted.
  • Fast data transmission and very short response times
  • Comprehensive access via hardware interfaces - also from third parties (PassThru API, D-PDU API)
  • Free use of the Vector remote server infrastructure
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Remote Flashing with vFlash Remote

With vFlash Remote the user can reprogram ECUs independent of location.


  • Easy reprogramming of ECUs remotely - entirely independent of location and without much organizational effort or cost.
  • High degrees of flexibility and reliability, especially on vehicle test drives and offshore production plants.
  • Secure and reliable flashing procedure
  • Intuitive setup of the remote communication infrastructure.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs thanks to usage of existing vFlash packages.
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Remote Vehicle Communication via Standardized D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2)

The Vector Remote D-PDU API enables a geographic separation between the D-PDU API based application and the vehicle connected to a PC via VCI. This can be an existing diagnostic tester or a flash tool.

In this way, the Vector Remote D-PDU API enables the use of a D-PDU API-based application over any distance: from the test setup in the laboratory next door to the vehicle on the other side of the world.


  • Ready to use
  • Flexible use
  • Protected and safe - but very easy to use
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Case Study

Remote Diagnostics & Flashing - Enormous Time Savings at Webasto Battery Systems

The demand for Webasto battery systems is growing steadily. The Field Application Engineers (FAE) are faced with the challenge of meeting a support demand that is growing by 50-100% annually. This cannot be easily compensated for by expanding the FAE team in terms of personnel. 

Enormous time savings with Vector´s remote diagnostic tools Indigo and vFlash: Without remote diagnostic tools, about 90% of the customer meetings took place on-site. Today the ratio is reversed, about 85% of the meetings take place remotely. As a result, instead of 1-2 customer issues per week, up to 10 customer issues are now processed per FAE.

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