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Vector Logger Configurator 3.0 SP2

All GL Loggers:

  • CCP/XCP:

    • To get XCP data faster after booting an ECU, the logger can activate the XCP Resume Mode of the ECU.
    • A2L files with format ASAP2 1.7.1 are supported.
    • XCP signal import from LAB files has been improved.

  • CSM measurement modules:

    • CSM modules at the CSM XCP gateway are now configured like CSM modules at CAN on the page ‘Measurement Modules’.
    • Depending on the logger type, the loggers can now independently set both CSM modules on CAN and via CSM-XCP gateway. For new measurement tasks, the modules no longer have to be separated from the logger. Together with a server service (MLserver, Vector Logger Cloud) the logger and measurement modules can remotely be configured during a test drive.

  • Float signals can be used as events e.g. for triggers und markers.
  • The return value of include files can now also be used as events for precondition for sleep mode and for transmission of messages.
  • File Manager:

    • Each logger can be read-out independently of the logger type of the currently loaded configuration.
    • When converting to MATLAB, the format of the signal names can be specified to better distinguish signals with the same name.
    • The conversion of J1939 logging data takes the current J1939 Digital Annex into account.
    • Quick view in CANoe/CANalyzer: PDU view is supported for logging data together with AUTOSAR 4.x databases.

  • Vector Logger Cloud (except GL1000 series):

    • The configuration of network and server settings has been unified for all loggers. It is carried out simplified via USB.
    • The content of the logging data in the cloud is displayed in more detail.
    • The target server set on the logger is displayed in the device information. This supports the start-up of the logger for the cloud.

  • HostCAM/F44 (except GL1000/GL2000 series)

    • In the HostCAM Setup dialog, the configuration of the camera is simplified by selecting the logger type.


GL1000/GL2000 series:

  • By connecting LINprobes, up to 16 LIN channels can now be recorded (former 12 LIN channels).


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