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Vector Continues To Grow and Build for the Future

Vector is continuing to grow and is hiring new employees. Therefore, forward-looking buildings are being constructed at the Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Regensburg locations. The construction activities and investments in a sustainable building infrastructure are a clear commitment to the German locations and for employee satisfaction.

Top: The innovative Vector building in the Karlsruhe Technology Park will be completed in 2023. Below: At the Stuttgart campus, 1,100 employees will find high-quality workplaces at Weissacherstr. 9 starting in December.

Vector is a workplace with a lot of freedom, a great sense of togetherness and high flexibility. However, even in times of home office, the enormous appreciation for employees can best be experienced through on-site presence. That's why Vector provides everyone with their own personal workstation, both full-time and part-time, in contrast to the desksharing that has become commonplace. And this is despite the fact that, under the new mobile working regulations, 50 percent of each employee's time can be spent in the office or at a flexible work location. There, small office spaces for a maximum of four to exceptionally six people have proven ideal for maintaining concentration and promoting close professional, as well as unofficial, exchanges with one another.

These appreciative aspects, which are part of the corporate culture, have been taken into account by Vector in its building planning for years. In the immediate vicinity of Vector's Stuttgart campus in Weilimdorf, a newly built office building was leased at Weissacherstrasse 9 and expanded in line with Vector's architectural guidelines. As of December, 1,100 employees of the Embedded Systems department will find high-quality workplaces here. This means that there is space for around 3,000 employees on the campus. Employees can reach the new building easily via the S-Bahn connection in the immediate vicinity. Bicyclists can use parking spaces in the building and showers including generous changing facilities, car drivers can park in Vector's own parking garage and e-mobilists can charge free of charge at over 200 charging points on campus. In the building's own company restaurant, the Traube Tonbach provides for culinary well-being.

The award-winning Vector canteen will soon also delight employees at Vector's Karlsruhe and Regensburg sites, which are also being expanded. At the Regensburg development center, construction work has progressed so far that a total of almost 600 employees will contribute to Vector's success there in the future. And at the Karlsruhe development site, Vector is constructing the first building of its own at the site with 600 workplaces and with an over 25-meter self-supporting roller chute, which will be completed as an absolute novelty in mid-2023.

For decades, Vector has been investing large sums in the ecologically sensible construction and adaptation of new, future-oriented buildings. In doing so, it pays attention to the consistent conservation of resources and the maximum use of renewable energies. The fact that Vector has for years attached great importance to holistic sustainability in its construction activities has already been honored twice at the Stuttgart campus since 2016 by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) with the coveted Platinum and Diamond certificates.