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Easier Analysis of Ethernet Networks With the New Protocol Monitor

For easier analysis of Ethernet networks, the new Protocol Monitor in CANoe and CANalyzer gives you a comprehensive overview of the Ethernet networks and protocols used. At the same time, it shows details of all connection requests, successfully established connections and their end points.


The Challenge

Vehicle Ethernet communications involve a whole stack of protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, SOME/IP, etc. If the communication does not show the expected behavior, the amount of protocols increases the effort for the analysis.

The Solution

With the new Protocol Monitor in CANoe and CANalyzer you can keep an overview. In four windows it shows you the following details clearly:

  • In the central Network Window, you see a graphical summary of the network communication.
  • All endpoints are broken down in a hierarchical structure.
  • There is a tabular overview of all connections.
  • The Detail view provides further information on the currently selected element, such as the timestamp and event counters.

You can customize the Protocol Monitor to meet your individual requirements. Use filters to reduce the view to the desired protocol layers, endpoints, and nodes.


Try the Protocol Monitor already today with the demo version of CANoe!


Are you interested in more details and would you like to see the Protocol Monitor in action? We will have two equal lectures on our Virtual Automotive Ethernet Symposium with a tool demonstration: First on Tuesday June 15th at 2:00 pm CEST and second on Thursday June 17th 8:00 am CEST. Please find more details about the whole agenda and the event itself on the event webpage and register already today!


For more information on testing ECUs and networks as well as the highlights of the new version 15, please visit the with CANoe product page.