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Let’s Talk About PREEvision: UserDay 2016

Experience and know-how exchange at Vector's annual PREEvision community forum.

Impressions of the PREEvision UserDay 2016 in Stuttgart.

What advantages does PREEvision offer in productive use? What do the most common use cases for Vector's model-based E/E engineering tool look like? What are the current challenges in the development process of electric/electronic architectures and how does PREEvision contribute to their solution?

These questions and others were answered this March at the PREEvision UserDay 2016: around 60 participants from all over the world actively participated in 2 days of information exchange based on experience and know-how from their application areas and entered into conversation with Vector's developers and creative minds behind the tool for model-based electric/electronic development.

Idea and objective of the annual User Days event: to offer the PREEvision community as wide an overview as possible of practical tasks and specific solution approaches  as well as room for networking, discussion and feedback. The outlook for upcoming versions and features, latest updates and improvements and collection of user requests and requirements rounded out the two-day event at the Maritim Hotel in Stuttgart.

The fact that 100% of this year's participants would recommend the event to others is evidence of its first-class quality and points to another intensive PREEvision UserDay next year.