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CANoe: Automation Interface Rethought

Starting With Vector Tool Platform (VTP) Version 4.0, a New Automation Interface for External Control of VTP Devices Is Available


By activating the Web API server on your VTP Device* you benefit from another option for automation. For this purpose, control commands are transmitted using the platform-independent JSON data format. Loading and starting CANoe simulation setups or downloading measurement data are possible, for example, or much more.

If you want to try out the functionality, you can always refer to the CANoe Help version 15 SP3 (or higher) for all information - just enter keyword “automation interface“.

Automate your CANoe projects!


Outlook: Future Vector Tool Platform (VTP) Features
With a future VTP version in 2022, the interface will be extended for downloading the CANoe RT Kernel. Thus your automated process can even contain projects of different CANoe versions. Just watch the "New Feature List" of the next CANoe versions for upcoming updates.
The new automation interface will replace the Standalone Manager. All functions of the Standalone Manager are already available in the Vector Platform Manager. Existing automations via console interface can still be used, the current feature set will be freezed. No further development will take place for the console interface.


*VTP Devices are:





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