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Gothenburg, Sweden

Ethernet UserDay 2019

One-day event focusing on practical experience & live demonstration of use cases for Automotive Ethernet.

Join us in the Vector Sweden office at Lindholmen, Gothenburg, for deep insight into the topics around Automotive Ethernet:

  • Live demonstrations during presentation
  • Understanding basic principles for Automotive Ethernet and its use cases
  • Insight and gained experience on topics such as physical layer, application layers, security, and conformance tests


Time Topic
09.00 Introduction; use cases for Automotive Ethernet
09.30 Physical layer, MAC/ARP, IPv4/IPv6, hardware interfaces
10.00 Complimentary coffee 
10.15 UDP: basics, CAPL demo. Simulate and analyze UDP communication
10.45 TCP: basics, CAPL demo. Simulate and analyze TCP communication 
11.15 Complimentary Lunch
12.30  TCP: Challenges with TCP gateways and TCP replay
13.00 Security: SSL/TLS and SecOC. Challenges when working with secured communication. 
13.30 Complimentary coffee 
13.45 Application protocols: DoIP, SOME/IP, SCC, AVB/TSN, MQTT/REST. How to use VLAN.
14.45 Ethernet Conformance Tests: TC8 test suite.


Connect with Experts

During coffee breaks and lunch break it will be possible to chat with the experts, discuss your use cases, and to see hardware.


Vector Sweden Office
Theres Svenssons gata 9
417 55 Gothenburg

You can park in the parking lot at Lindholmen Science Park or on floors 1 and 2 of the nearby parking house.

Appropriate bus stop is Regnbågsgatan.


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