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HandsOn Workshop and Advanced TechDay
Recieve Real-World Know-How in Cluj-Napoca
Vector Event

2019-06-25 - 2019-06-26

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Vector HandsOn Workshop and Advanced TechDay Cluj-Napoca

Tool demonstrations, Hands-on examples, Experience exchange

Two Days of pure Knowledge!

We are happy to offer you not only numerous lectures with practical know-how at our advanced TechDay, but also the opportunity to attend a HandsOn Workshop.

June 25th - HandsOn Testing-Workshop: Discover Step-by-Step Tool Demonstrations with hands-on examples

June 26th - Advanced TechDay: Gain knowledge and exchange experiences with colleagues and Vector experts

Agenda June 25th

Hands-On Testing Workshop

HandsOn workshops are held by our experienced specialists. We provide a workplace for you to interact directly with the tool and gain experience.

Welcome and Introduction
CANoe Simulation and Testing (Part 1)
  • Introduction to Remaining Bus Simulation (RBS)
  • Understand the Interaction Layer usage and benefits 
CANoe Simulation and Testing (part 2) 
  • Introduction to testing with CANoe 
  • Learn how to write CAPL Test Cases 
Coffee Break
Testing with vTESTstudio (part 1)
  • Start a vTESTstudio project, from scratch 
  • Re-use the existing CAPL Test Cases 
  • Develop Test Cases using the Test Table Editor 
  • Benefits of using parameters in Test Cases 
Testing with vTESTstudio (part 2)
  • Use variant handling to improve reusability and reduce test design effort 
  • Increase test coverage with auto generated test case lists 
16:00 Coffee Break 
Testing with vTESTstudio (part 3)
  • Solve the challenging task of traceability 
  • Analyze test reports with the Test Report Viewer 
Official End of the Event


Agenda June 26th

Advanced TechDay

Advanced TechDays are designed to meet our customers' desire to gain a deeper technical insight in the form of practical examples and demonstrations of special work environments. 

Welcome and Introduction
Vector new licensing model
  • New flexible Tool licensing program
  • License models to fit individual needs
  • Administration concept for End User and Enterprise Licensing Programs
Vector Hardware
  • Choose the right network interface for the right task
  • Hardware configuration and usage
CANoe Tips & Tricks
  •  Best practice for higher productivity  
Coffee Break
CANoe Execution Adapter  
  • Automate test runs based on your own execution plan 
New Features in Vector Testing Solution 
Presentation and demo of new features
  • CANoe 
  • vTESTstudio
  • VT System
Lunch Break
Efficent verification and evaluation of measurement files
  • Benefit by using vSignalyzer/CANape as analysis and reporting tool                                                                                                                                           
Interested in development of ADAS functions?
  • Vectors high end measurement solution for ECUs and ADAS systems
  • Verify your ADAS algorithms with CANape DA
  • Use the vADASdeveloper infrastructure for developing ADAS algorithms
Vector Code testing
  • Use VectorCAST to reduce time, effort and cost of software validation
  • Basics of code coverage analysis
  • Unit integration and system tests
14:30 Coffee Break
Secure Onboard Communication (SecOC) – security support in CANoe
  • Simulate the communication of secured ECUs and networks
  • Test the Security Mechanism
vVIRTUALtarget – Virtual Developing and Testing AUTOSAR Software
  • Generate virtual ECUs for all typical AUTOSAR-4 projects
  • Develop and test functional software unchanged in combination with a behavioral model or with virtualized, complete AUTOSAR basic software
CANoe as an Open Environment
  • How to simply integrate CANoe into a heterogeneous tool landscape due to its openness
  • Which interfaces CANoe offers and how you can benefit from them: FDX, FMI, XIL API, etc
16:30 Q&A / Official End of the Event



Hotel Platinia
Str. Calea Mănăștur 2-6
400372 Cluj-Napoca

  • Parking:
    Parking is available at the hotel.
    First 2 hours are free and after, every additional hour is charged 10 RON/hour.

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Mr. Mihai Șuta
Tel.: +43 190 160 66
E-Mail: mihai.suta@vector.com