ASAP2 Tool-Set 16.0 Demo

Contains Creator, Updater, Merger, Comparer, Checker, Modifier, and ASAP2 Studio:

  • ASAP2 Creator: Automatically create A2L files based on special comments in the C code. A demo of the Creator is not available, but we can check the availability of a time-limited trial version for you. Contact:
  • ASAP2 Updater: Update address and structure information in an A2L file based on the contents of linker MAP and debug files.
  • ASAP2 Merger: Merge multiple A2L fragments into a common A2L file.
  • ASAP2 Comparer: Comparison of two A2L files and export of the comparison result to different report formats.
  • ASAP2 Checker: Check A2L files for syntactic and semantic errors.
  • ASAP2 Modifier: Targeted filtering, modifying, supplementing and optimizing of A2L files.
  • ASAP2 Studio: Creation, visualization and editing of A2L files, as well as import and export to foreign formats. ASAP2 Studio in demo mode can be used as viewer only.

The demo version is limited in the number of ASAP2 objects read from input file and written to result file.

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