CANoe 13.0 SP2 (64 bit)

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • EtherCAT support:

    • Beckhoff compliant EtherCAT master in CANoe
    • New EtherCAT configuration dialog is invoked from ribbon IO Hardware
    • All EtherCAT IOs are available as system variables / SysVar structs, therefore all analysis features can be used
    • Parallel operation of two EtherCAT busses is possible

  • System Variables

    • New CAPL functions sysIsVariableTypeSigned and sysDefineVariableLongLong

Security (from CANoe 13.0 to  CANoe 13.0 SP2)

  • PKI

    • Import of password protected PKCS#12 container in PKI profiles
    • Import of .cer files in PKI profiles

  • TLS

    • TLS master secret can be configured in Security Profile (random bytes, master secret)
    • Delivery of observer profile with installation
    • Observer handles null cipher communication
    • Support of ED22519 curve for TLS communication


  • Replacement of databases is now possible in the Communication Setup window
  • Improvements of the SOME/IP binding


  • New operation mode -foreground displays write window messages in the console window
  • Windows 64 bit version now available
  • Several improvements accessing files

Option .Ethernet

  • Network-based access:

    • Disabled ports are no longer listed in the Ethernet Bus Statistics Window and the ports are displayed in alphabetical order.
    • If the migration to network-based access is aborted, a ribbon button appears from which the migration can be initiated.
    • Network-based configuration of Ethernet network interfaces connected to the RT hardware (e. g., VN5640 at VN8914) via Platform Manager / Vector Tool Platform dialog

  • TC8:

    • A case study implementation for SOME/IP-ETS is included in the TC8 demo configuration, which contains the implementation for a limited number of test cases (~ 60 out of 137 tests). The SOME/IP-ETS tests are based on the TC8 test specification v3.0.

  • Trace:

    • Support for displaying (basic) HDCP protocol data
    • Displaying of MPEG-TS protocol data
    • Simulation communication of SOME/IP and HTTP data over a DTLS secured UDP connection is displayed in decrypted form in the Trace view.

  • Programming:

    • The IP-API is now, in addition to CAPL, available in .NET.
    • Improved check for the CAPL function ethResetStatistics channel parameter

  • Logging:

    • The PCAP-NG time format is now by default in nanoseconds (ns).
    • PCAP/PCAP-NG logging can now be combined with MOST channels.

  • Performance:

    • IP fragments of incomplete messages are no longer stored indefinitely. After reaching a certain memory limit, the oldest fragments are discarded. This prevents excessive memory usage of the application.
    • The assembly of SOME/IP-TP segments can be disabled with a CAN.ini switch to improve performance. The number of stored SOME/IP-TP segments can be limited to prevent excessive memory usage of the application.

  • CRC-16 is now supported for Fibex databases.

Option .AMD/XCP

  • The Trace Windows displays frames of different XCP connections in fixed mode separately now

Option .Car2x

  • Car2x Security

    • PSIDs can be generated without SSPrange

  • Car2x Stack

    • Functionality is approved due to C2C-CC BSP 1.5.0
    • CAM Cycle Time generation is supported
    • Special Vehicle Container is added automatically

  • Map Window

    • Visualization has been approved for Spat/Map messages

  • C-V2X Support

    • 4 networks are now supported
    • OnPreTx-Callback function can be used on all 4 networks

Option .J1939

  • Updated J1939.dbc now integrates all new PGs from the current ISO11992-2 (2014) and ISO11992-3 (2020) documents, allowing easy simulation and analysis of ISO11992 communication

Option .ISO11783

  • ISO11783 Interaction Layer (Tractor Implement Management) provides more accurate tracking of states during the authentication phase

Option .CANopen

  • Full support of the distributed mode
  • The new CAPL functions CANopenDomainServerOpenFileRead and CANopenDomainServerSetFileContents can be used to access domain data files
  • Performance improvements accessing files and displaying values in the CANopen Configuration window

Option .Smart Charging

  • GBT27930 Interaction Layer offers an improved simulation of the charger and also largely meets requirements from GB/T 34658.
  • Optimized demo “GBT27930Simulation” not only allows a standard-compliant simulation of the BMS and Charger, but also offers a simple possibility for fault injection.
Please note:
This software package contains an older version of WIBU CodeMeter, which contains a critical security vulnerability.
Please ensure to have the latest Vector License Client installed that fixes that vulnerability. For details refer to the Vector security advisory.

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