vTESTstudio 3.0.55 SP3

Minimum required CANoe version for the usage of full functional range in vTESTstudio 3.0 SP3:

CANoe 11.0 SP3

Minimum required CANoe version for the usage of limited feature set in vTESTstudio 3.0 SP3:  

CANoe 8.5 SP5, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0

More details about vTESTstudio/CANoe version compatibility can be found on our website.

With vTESTstudio Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • A vTESTstudio project is reloaded automatically after changes to the project file *.vtsoproj or related files like *.varprop on the file system.

Interface functions:

  • Interface functions can now have input parameters of type “runtime message”. For example, a CAPL function with an input parameter of type message* can be called within the Test Table Editor.


  • The definition of dedicated checkpoints in the Waveform Editor allows to easily realize synchronized checks related to a stimulation curve.

Test Diagram Editor:

  • The Path View can be filtered based on variant properties.


  • „CANoe Test Execution Adapter“ is available as free addon for test planning and test execution in CANoe. The adapter reads a requirement or test case-based planning list and activates and executes all relevant test cases in a CANoe configuration. A graphical user interface is available as well as a command line interface.
  • The Connection Utilities for IBM Rational Quality Manager, PTC Integrity, and Siemens Polarion have a new tab „Test Execution“ that corresponds to the CANoe Test Execution Adapter.
  • You can now import multiple trace item files to a vTESTstudio project at once.

Test Execution with CANoe 11.0 SP3:

  • Support of “profiles” for variant property settings: a profile corresponds to one set of variant property values; you can define as many profiles as you want and switch between them easily.

Test Report Viewer with CANoe 11.0 SP3:

  • Specific filter on control flow commands enable hiding of control flow test steps as “For Each loop” and If/Else statements.
  • By a surrounding element in the report, all iterations of a loop can now be collapsed / expanded together.
Please note:
This software package contains an older version of WIBU CodeMeter, which contains a critical security vulnerability.
Please ensure to have the latest Vector License Client installed that fixes that vulnerability. For details refer to the Vector security advisory.

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