PTC Integrity Connection Utility 2.0.0 for vTESTstudio

Application for the connection of vTESTstudio, CANoe and CANoe.DiVa to PTC Integrity.

Minimum required versions: vTESTstudio 2.1 SP4, CANoe 9.0 SP4, CANoe.DiVa 10.0.

Minimum required versions for the usage of full functional range: vTESTstudio 3.0, CANoe 10.0, CANoe.DiVa 10.0.

New Features V2.0.0:

  • Command line interface
  • Verdict ‘warn’ from CANoe.DiVa reports can now be processed (as ‘inconclusive’)
  • Support of TLS 1.2
  • Upload multiple traceability matrices at once
  • Export rich client URLs for trace items, e.g. ‘integrity://…’
  • Test case evaluation on project level instead of whole database

New Features V1.3.1:

  • Integrated CANoe Execution Adapter
  • Drag and drop of input files (e.g. traceability matrix)
  • Improved INI file usability
  • Search functionality in selection boxes with performance improvement
  • Option: parameter substitution
  • Option: move existing test cases during upload
  • Support CANoe Report Viewer Selector

New Features V1.2.0:

  • Import of test case URLs from vTESTstudio to PTC Integrity enables direct navigation from PTC Integrity to a test case implementation in vTESTstudio.
  • Test case attribute values defined in vTESTstudio can be imported into PTC Integrity.
  • Test case descriptions defined in vTESTstudio can be imported into PTC Integrity.
  • Import of CANoe Test Report Viewer to PTC Integrity now possible. Test report can be attached to test session in PTC Integrity automatically.
  • Support of Japanese installation of PTC Integrity as well.


Size : 16.82 MB
MD5 hash : 1ed92ed2aae39a4d0cd2d5063ba5fad8

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