Our Responsibility Within the Market

Vector is a trustworthy and fair partner within the value chain. Vector sets high standards for quality and sustainability in all areas.  

Code of Conduct for Trusting Business Relationships

The basic principles of our corporate governance are

  • compliance with law and order
  • compliance with contractual agreements
  • as well as the perception of social and ecological responsibility.

We expect our business partners to operate and act according to the same principles. We have also set this out in our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Supplier Management

As part of our sustainable product development, we have anchored our supplier management. This is aimed at intensive material & resource conservation.

Almost all products are already manufactured in the EU, and for new tenders, suppliers from the EU are our first choice. With this local procurement strategy, we promote local suppliers, reduce our dependence on global supply chains and reduce transport distances.

In addition, we rely on large suppliers to deliver goods with reusable shuttle packaging. In this way, we sustainably reduce energy requirements and the amount of waste.


Our co-operation with our customers is always based on partnership, honesty and directness. We draw our innovation and solution expertise from our many years of experience and our motivation to drive forward future-oriented development at an early stage.

Our solutions provide software developers and engineers with the decisive advantage that relieves them of their demanding and highly complex tasks.

Memberships and Co-Operation

Vector is involved in associations and federations on the topics of standards, software and network development for automotive, avionics, agriculture and mechanical and plant engineering. Through our technical contribution, we help shape the technical development and orientation in these industries in a sustainable and future-oriented manner.

Vector contributes its expertise to the following associations and federations through co-operation or membership.