General-Purpose Relay Module

The module VT2820 provides 20 general-purpose relay channels. These can be used for example to switch various signal paths in a test system, to realize a switch matrix, or to generate errors like short-circuits.

General-Purpose Relay Module: VT2820



  • 12 relay channels with single-pole closer and 2 additional relays to internal bus bars (e.g. to Vbatt and ground)
  • 8 relays with change-over contacts
  • Overcurrent protection by resettable fuse (polyfuse)

Technical Data

  Switching voltage -60 V … +60 V
  Continuous current (relay closed) 6 A
  Switching current  
  – at voltage ≤ ±24 V 6 A
  – at voltage ≤ ±40 V 2 A
  – at voltage ≤ ±60 V 0.5 A
  Contact resistance Max. 100 mΩ
  Signal transmission capability (square wave) 1 MHz
  Mechanical endurance 20 x 106 cycles
  Electrical endurance 50 x 103 cycles
Basic Data
  Supply voltage (via backplane) 12 V ±10 %
  Power consumption (all relays off) Typ. 1.4 W
  Power consumption (30 relays active) Typ. 8.7 W
  Temperature range 0 … 55 °C
  Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 173 x 36 mm
  Weight Approx. 760 g


Schematic of both relay channel types of the VT2820

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