Vector News

Vector Logger Configurator 2.9

GL2400, GL5000 series:

  • Complete the CAN FD feature set: Sending CAN FD frames available.

GL5000 series:

  • New AXIS camera F44 (main unit) records simultaneously color images from the 4 sensors (lenses). The camera offers Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). This is ideally suited for scenarios with very bright and dark areas, i.e. especially for test drives with strong backlight or during night.

GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 series:

  • CAN measurement modules from CSM:
    • The loggers are able to configure the measurement modules autonomously. For a new measurement task the modules no longer have to be disconnected from the logger.
    • The measurement signals are now also available as condition for events like markers, Triggers.

All GL Loggers:

  • Display devices:
    • The accessory LOGview and the Front Panel from GL3000/4000/5000 series are now easy to configure.

  • Diagnostics:
    • Triggers on fault memory entries (Diagnostic Trouble Codes, DTCs) are now available. The UDS services $1902 (Fault Memory Read All Identified) and $1904 (Fault Memory Read DTC Snapshot Record) are supported.

  • Classification:
    • Values from the analog inputs as well as measurement signals from the CSM modules are now also available as signal source.
    • Class width and value range coverage are graphically visualized.
    • Number of classes can be calculated based on the class width and vice versa.

  • File Manager:
    • Classifications can be exported to MDF4. All classifications can optionally be collected in one MDF4 file.
    • J1939 signals can be converted to MDF according to the J1939 standard.
    • Complete recorded raw data can be archived as ZIP file along with the conversion (from GL2000 to GL5000 series). Logging files from the GL1000 series are still stored as CLF raw file. Fleet operators can choose a central destination directory. Alternatively, data is stored together with the converted data.

  • Return value of the Include files are now available as event for the data transfer via LTE/Wi-Fi/LAN (GL2000 to GL5000 series).
  • The LED indicates now also for the GL2000 series that a wireless data transfer to ML Server has been triggered. The LED turns off after complete transfer.
  • Improved usability like: 
    • User setting from the previously installed Configurator version can be overtaken.
    • Vector Support Assistant assists you in resolving your problems by sending the required files password protected to Vector Support.
    • Status bar displays context sensitive information for the areas Configuration, File Manager.