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Testing Under Time Pressure - Versatile Test Benches for Avionic Systems

In the future, test benches will be made up from subsystems that are manufactured by specialized suppliers. It is very important to make sure that the test benches are available during the complete development cycle. This also includes after the commissioning of the aircraft type. The solution therefore is to use configurable computer systems as the basic architecture.

The use of standardized components for configuring and executing tests in large-scale test bench installations greatly simplifies the set-up of these systems. In a joint research project with an aircraft manufacturer and other partners, Vector has specified a system of this type and has also implemented it in practice. The theoretical functional capability of the test bench architecture was successfully demonstrated in practice in a highly realistic oxygen supply application. This made use of seven X-modules on which 27 simulation modules were executed. Vector participated at the constructed demonstrator with an X-module based on the proven CANoe development and test tool.