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CANoe Simulations in Real Time? Yes, With "Extended Real Time"

As of CANoe 15 SP3 the integration of a real-time operating system is available to you for free: Extended Real Time (ERT). In addition to the already existing  CANoe operation mode "Distributed Mode" another improvement of real-time behavior is possible.


The Extended Real Time (ERT) convinces with impressive features!


ERT makes CANoe simulate in real time
  • Real-time execution of CAPL programs
  • Real-time execution of simulation models
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple simulation models
  • Direct access to your CAN bus network interface
  • I/Os of the VT System are directly addressable from ERT  


How to get ERT?

1. Download CANoe 15 SP3 or higher

2. Install CANoe 15 SP3 or higher and run the Vector Tool Platform (VTP) update as well

3. Activate Extended Real Time (ERT) with the instructions in the CANoe Help.

... and you are ready to go!


ERT is supported by this hardware

... which typically allow cycle times down to 200 µs.

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