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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Frank Weber

How to Make Sure Your V2X Applications Work Properly?


In this webinar you will get an overview about the specific challenges which occur during development and test of V2X based applications and the according ECUs. Regarding application interoperability, it is especially necessary to have multiple ITS stations available which are exchanging V2X messages in a valid scenario.

We will show how CANoe.Car2x supports you especially with the following functions:

  • Interpretation of protocols and application messages
  • Suitable visualization of application message content
  • Security support – PKI creation and management, using valid or invalid signed security headers and validation of received security headers
  • Simulation of another ITS station to stimulate your V2X system/device under test
  • Creation of test scenarios with multiple ITS stations and various events for comprehensive simulations
  • Testing functions ensure automated testing


Target Group:

  • Test engineers, developers and research engineers for V2X based systems;
  • Road traffic authorities operating V2X bases systems