vMDM Client 3.3

With version 3.3, the following changes become effective:


  • Allow users to update their vMDM Explorer AddIn in CANape / vSignalyzer if a new vMDM client is installed.
  • Combine results of multiple files from a bulk delete operation into a single notification.
  • New filter conditions to test for existing / not existing property as well as blank / non-blank string properties.
  • vMDM PowerShell module for automation of upload and download tasks.
  • New vMDM.exe commands to download files and cancel ongoing uploads.
  • Various usability improvements.

vMDM pro Features

  • It is now possible to edit meta data properties of uploaded measurement files in the search result view.
  • Support vMDM explorer features in vMDM standalone app if valid Option vMDM license is found.
  • OpenStreetMap online maps can now be used in PDF reports with the GPS window.
  • Directly load a MARMF file in CANape / vSignalyzer if it is part of a report result.
  • OnPremise installation: improved Active Directory integration in complex domain forests.
  • OnPremise installation: support setting of Analysis Engine language.

vMDM local Features

  • Support searching the Computer Collection in vMDM standalone app if valid CANape, vSignalyzer, vMeasure or DYNA4 Studio license is found.
  • Only start local vMDM index process if user has configured folders for the computer collection.

Bug fixes

  • Stability of large logger data set downloads has been improved.
  • Renaming of report jobs is now possible again.
  • A bug which lead to some processes not being stopped in case vMDM was terminated via the tray icon was fixed.
  • Saving of multiple GL logger raw data sets has been improved.
  • An issue when saving GL logger raw data set with analysis package has been fixed.
  • Allow "Save as GLX with AnalysisPackage" as one zip file even if raw data set meanwhile was converted.
  • vMDM client does not create anymore temp files which are reported by some security audit programs.
  • Increased stability of vMDM Explorer resync.
  • Move selected files to different collection does not fail with an error message anymore.
  • Save as context menu correctly takes into account user's download permission.
  • Some missing help pages have been added.


Size : 292.61 MB
MD5 hash : 93a8eeb3c886ca367ad9c4166545f9c1
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