DaVinci Developer 4.8.25

With this version we removed support of License Bit Dongles (Old License Model). This affects only customers with a Serial Number starting with 50402* and want to use this version. You can find the Serial Number of your License, when you open your existing installation of DaVinci Developer and go to File -> Help > About. If this is the case, please contact your Vector Account Manager.

With 4.8, the following changes become effective:

Tool Features

  • AUTOSAR Schema 20-11 is now supported
  • The IndexMode (COLUMN_DIR or ROW_DIR) can now be selected for arrays representing a 'map' application data type
  • A runnable can now be triggered by a DataWriteCompletedEvent
  • A record may contain DataReference data types in its hierarchy; in case it types an 'in' argument of a client server operation
  • 'Create Port From Signal' optionally creates RuleBasedValueSpecifications to initialize arrays
  • The 'diagnostic argument integrity' of a client/server interface can now be configured
  • The name of an application array's element can now be configured

Fixed Issues

  • The installation of DaVinci Developer failed with a crash of 'installanchorservice.exe' and the message that 'FNP_Act_Installer.dll' cannot be found
  • A data mapping was not imported if the arxml contained empty user defined transformation signal props
  • An exception was thrown during project update if an End-To-End protection contained an invalid reference to a signal group
  • An exception was thrown when an existing Boolean application data type was overwritten with a Value data type from an imported arxml file
  • The data mapping editor considered TypeReference data types as primitive, even though they referenced complex data types


Size : 266.33 MB
MD5 hash : 31cc5db87d56027e0a24cb3f83af01e7
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