The Smart Solution for Charging Communication

vSECClib (Supply Equipment Communication Controller Library) is a software stack that covers the high-level communication between the charging station and the electric vehicle. The stack already contains the entire protocol stream of smart charging according to ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121. With the embedded software modules Vector supports the rapid development of smart AC or DC charging stations. 

Information about renaming

We would like to inform you about the renaming of the Software Stack vEVSE as of April 1st. Due to the planned expansion of our portfolio in the area of charging infrastructure, the software stack is now available under the name vSECClib. In addition to the new name, there is also a continuous development, such as the implementation of ISO 15118-20.

The software maintenance of already delivered vEVSE is not affected by this change, existing customers will not be disadvantaged by the changes.


  • Simplified development of communication software for charging stations

  • ISO and DIN interfaces ready for implementation

  • Mature software component with high reliability

  • Reduced time to market

  • Standard conformance communication between the charging station and the vehicle ensured

  • Hardware independent C/C++ library, compatible with all Linux-based systems (under development: AUTOSAR compatibility)

  • Regular updates to meet standards under development


The software stack consists of different modules, each of which is assembled according to the charging specifications selected by the customer. Depending on the charging method (AC/DC), charging standard (ISO/DIN) and the authorization method [EIM (External Identification Means) or PnC (Plug and Charge)] the product will be configured per user.



vSECClib Fact Sheet

Get an overview on the benefits and the technical specifications.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF)


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