Ready for Takeoff in Electric Vehicle Charging

The Starter Kit is the perfect entry-level solution for the development of electric charging equipment, especially for engineers working from home with limited access to the laboratory.

Vector provides these engineers with the hardware they need to implement and test product-specific functions for user and power electrical interfaces with real hardware.

The Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit especially tailored for home office!


Start Developing and Operating your Charging Stations with our Starter Kit:

  • 2 vSECC units with 1 CCS interface each
  • 6-month test license for our Charging Station Management System vCharM
  • 20 hours support (hotline)
  • Coaching via webinars or individual sessions
  • Getting started documentation, manuals and necessary files
  • Optional: 6-week test license for CANoe
  • Optional: Linux notebook and power supply
  • Refund for returned hardware within trial period possible

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  • Simplified market entry by providing non-differentiating features
  • Hardware and software ready for implementation and testing
  • Ensured  standard conformity of the infrastructure-vehicle communication
  • Faster transition to the next product generation
  • Detailed instructions and coachings
  • Low economic risk through possible partial reimbursement

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충전소를 위한 컨트롤러

더 자세히
vCharM | 대규모 충전소 운영을 위한 기업수준의 충전소 관리 시스템

vCharM 은 충전 및 부하를 관리하기위한 백엔드입니다.

더 자세히

충전 ECU, 충전소, 유도 충전 시스템을 위한 테스트 시스템 및 ECU 소프트웨어

추가 정보
vSECClib | Software Stack for Charging Stations

Simplified development of communication software for charging stations

More information