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Service Pack 3 Vector Logger Configurator 2.8

This free Service Pack offers you the following functionalities:

All GL loggers:

  • CCP/XCP:
    • Signals with a further variant of linear conversion formula (numeric table with two points and linear interpolation) can be recorded in addition.
    • XCP on CAN signals can be measured from ECUs using „Identification File Type Relative ODT”.

  • Diagnostics:
    • Signals of the diagnostic service $21 can now be configured.

  • AUTOSAR 4.x description files can now be used for classical CAN 2.0 networks, e.g. for signal oriented configuration of trigger and filter conditions.


GL2000/GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 series:

  • Wireless data transfer: Immediate reconfiguration of the logger can be forced by remotely deleting existing logfiles without upload.
  • Navigator view: Performance optimizations allow a significantly faster loading of huge amounts
    of logging data.
  • Quick view of logging data improved for CANoe/CANalyzer 11.0 SP2.
  • Valid GPS data can be indicated by LED.