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Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks with New Version 3.0 of vMeasure exp

vMeasure exp is a flexible measurement software solution that provides you with efficient support in the laboratory, at the test stand, during test drives and endurance tests.

Screenshot vMeasure exp evaluation of measured data

Swift evaluation of the measured data with user-configurable display windows

Highlights of Version 3.0:

  • Optimal memory utilization enabled by a 64-bit architecture
  • Measurement data can be acquired from 30 or more channels at sampling rates of up to 1 MHz based on improved utilization of multi-core CPUs
  • New high-speed functional interface enables high-performance execution of calculations during the measurement and the use of calculated values as trigger conditions
  • New eMobilityAnalyzer function library for calculating a many different electrical DC and AC characteristics during the measurement
  • Graphic input forms simplify parameterization of library functions
  • Support of IEEE1588 PTP time synchronization on the Vector BRICK CORE COM logger hardware, even without a GPS module
All Advantages at a Glance