Vector News

CCS Combo 2 in Series Projects - New Software Version for Vector Charging ECU

The new software version 7.0.0 for the VC-VCCU (Vehicle Charge Control Unit) offers several new features and improvements.



  • Serial qualified release for CCS Combo 2 inlets
  • Configurable CAN message cycle times for status information signals
  • Supporting DTC (UDS-Protocol) and DM1 messages
  • TLS integration for the V2G communication, preparation for Value-Added-Service (VAS)


  • Improved V2G charging sequence with adding continuous fault and stop handling
  • Update of MICROSAR Basic Software to R21 with improvements of .CHARGE Stack


  • V2G charging CAN signals are now reset to initial value after a charging session
  • Charge control CAN signals are now set consistently (VCVCCU_Vehicle_IsolationMeasurementRequest, VCVCCU_Vehicle_ContactorRequest)