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Virtual E-Mobility Symposium 2021
April 21st, 2021
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Virtual E-Mobility Symposium 2021

We keep you informed. Wherever you are. Join for an unique experiential event packed with solutions, products and discussions from Vector & Industry Experts which support you over the entire development process for EVs.

Online Event

Online sessions allow a comfortable transfer of knowledge.

Join us for the experiential online event focusing on e-mobility to increase you know-how and discuss with the various experts from industry on technologies, standards and trends.

Wherever you are: Take the chance to participate in this virtual event to shape the future!

Save the Date

Knowledge at your Fingertips

External Experts as well as Vector Specialists will talk Live about various interesting topics such as

  • Current and Future charging standards and technologies
  • Smart Charge Communication analysis and use cases
  • Charging Infrastructure solutions
  • Electric Vehicle dynamics simulation
  • High voltage measurement solutions for EVs

The event will be Live and Virtual, allowing access from your work stations. Take the opportunity for exchange of ideas and knowledge which will drive the future of mobility.

Participation in the online event is free of charge. 


Time Topic & Speaker
09:30 Testing and Certification of Electric Vehicles
Manoj Desai | General Manager – Automotive Electronics | ARAI
10:15 Charging an EV with CCS 
Jonas Leserer | Business Development Manager | Vector
11:00 Conformance & Interoperability Tests for Electric Vehicles
Srinidhi Rao | Technical Lead | Vector
11:45 Coffee Break
12:00 ECU software for Onboard charging ECUs
Snehal Jagtap | Technical Lead | KPIT
12:45 Flawless Operation of E-bus Depots
Rebekka Haisch | Product Manager | Vector
13:30 Lunch Break
14:00 eMobility Analyzer: Getting the Essence Out of your HV Measurement
Boris Ruoff | Business Development Manager | Vector
14:45 Electric Vehicles Simulation using DYNA4
Sriram Ramkrishna | Product Expert | Vector
15:30 Software Testing Factory: Accelerate Development, Augment Code Quality
Sunil Yadav | Product Expert | Vector

Expert Connect

Want to connect with the Experts? Join the Live Expert Connect at the event

Expert Connect is a unique forum created for you to engage & interact with the Vector Experts on various topics. Vector Experts will host separate virtual rooms which you can join to have a Live Face-2-Face audio and/or video interaction with the specialist to either get more information on the topics presented, discuss your specific queries or learn about Vector solutions.

Experience Zone - Demos

Visit the virtual zone to experience various solutions & demonstrations from Vector first hand. You can also connect & discuss with the Vector expert Live.


You can register for the symposium directly on the Event Platform using the Register Now option. You will have to use your Email ID as Login on 21st April to join the event.

#stayconnected | Contact

Vector India Event Team
+91 9665440095 | +91 9022924625

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