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17:00 (Europe/Berlin)

재생 시간: 1 시간

언어: English

패널리스트: Christof Ebert and Youssef Rekik

Automotive Cybersecurity – Challenges and Practical Guidance

Automotive cybersecurity is of a growing concern for the entire automotive industry. Security directly impacts functionality, user experience and safety, and thus has become subject to product liability. For instance, functional safety is not feasible without a concise approach to cover cybersecurity.

With the advance of standards such as ISO 21434, UN-ECE and SAE 3061 it is mandatory to have a consistent security strategy covering development and operations such as software updates. OEMs and suppliers have to ensure an effective protection against manipulations of automotive E/E systems.

This Vector webinar will show typical challenges and highlight suitable security guidance along the life-cycle. It is based on experiences inside Vector and with client projects around the world. Key points in the development of protected E/E systems are the proper identification of security requirements, the systematic realization of security functions, and a security validation to demonstrate that security requirements have been met. We will show with concrete examples how these practices improve developing secure systems and how these activities can be performed efficiently in the automotive domain.

Target Group:

  • Safety and Cybersecurity experts
  • Electronic and software engineers
  • Line managers
  • Quality engineers and quality managers
  • Project managers
  • Procurement
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