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10:00 (Europe/Berlin)

재생 시간: 1h

언어: English

패널리스트: Helmut Frank and Max Beck

OBD Diagnostics – Indigo as OBD / WWH OBD Scan Tool

Indigo – Intelligent Diagnostic Test System - is an easy to use diagnostic tester that is largely self-configured and conceals the complexity of the diagnostic protocols.
It provides the user a quick overview of a vehicle’s status and allows detailed diagnostics of individual ECUs. In parallel Indigo can read and evaluate OBD II/WWH-OBD data. In addition it allows remote diagnostics that lets you access vehicles directly and interactively from anywhere in the world.


  •     Short introduction to Indigo and OBD
  •     OBD2/WWH-OBD Modes in General
  •     Read OBD2/WWH-OBD DTCs and Freeze Frame Data
  •     Read Vehicle Information
  •     Share OBD information using reports

Target Group:

  •   System integration engineers (apply diagnostic during vehicle integration)
  •   Test engineers and technicians (apply diagnostic during test drive)
  •   Development engineers developing ECU functionality (apply diagnostics for function development and verification)
  •   User Profile
  •   users that don’t need detailed diagnostic experience
  •    users having the vehicle in focus, searching for problems beyond diagnostics
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