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11:00 (Asia/Kolkata)

재생 시간: 1 시간

언어: English

패널리스트: Mohamad Sah | Jojo Chacko | Sunil Chandwani

Data Acquisition using CSM Modules

The CSM measurement modules are extremely rugged, compact, efficient and highly precise over the entire operating temperature range. Join the webinar to learn about Data Acquisition using CSM Modules.



> Sensor data acquisition on test benches and road tests

> High Voltage (1000V) and High current (1000A) measurement using CSM HV Modules for EV validation

> Online real time power measurement using special software functions in 3 phase systems

> eMotor Efficiency, Power factor, Ripple, Shaft Power and ChargerEfficiency measurements

> Emission measurements with Lambda CANc (λ, AFR and O2)


Target Group

> Validation Engineers working with OEMs and Tier1 Suppliers

> Development engineers who need to analyze test bench data

> Test bed and measurement engineers