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10:00 (Europe/Berlin)

재생 시간: 1h

언어: English

패널리스트: Simone Gronau, Jochen Kreissl and Tobias Schöneberger

Fuzz Testing: How robust is your System under Test?

Fuzz testing is a common technique to stress a System under Test with a high number of unexpected or even invalid input data. In parallel, predefined observer functions are monitoring the system in order to detect unintended behavior that might be exploited by attackers to harm the system.

In this webinar you will learn how you can set up your own fuzz tests with just a few clicks in vTESTstudio and how to run and analyze them afterwards in CANoe.

Target audience

  • Testing engineers for automotive ECUs, networks and whole systems
  • Cybersecurity testing engineers
  • Pen Testers
  • Engineers which do security analyses
  • vTESTstudio and CANoe Users
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